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impact of stone or slate effect. Many different effects can be achieved ranging from ancient cobble patterns to a classical Mediterranean tile. The finished job is then sealed with a protective coating which helps to protect from dirt and stains as well as improves the overall strength of the floor surface cum gives the job an attractive wet-look.


Some of the colour choice and pattern


150mm Cobblestone - French Grey - Black

150mm Cobblestone-Coffee@ Black

150mm Cobblestone-Spring Green@ Black

300mm Slate Tiles - Jasmine@ Red



300mm Slate Tiles-Royal@ Red Aslar Chessnut@ Black Aslar Slate 45 - Light Grey @ Black Aslar-Spring Green @ Black



Aslar-Spring Green@ Black Aslar-Terracota@ Red European Fan - Copper Red Single Tone European Fan -Mustard@ Coffee



EuropenFan-Mustad@ Black Flemish - Jasmine@ Black Flemish Slate - Sandstone @ Black FlemishStone-Coffee@ Black



Flemish-Copper Red@ Black Random Stone - Terracota @ Black RandomStone-Terracota@ Red Random Stone-Roswood@ Black



Riverstone - Copper Red @ Red Riverstone Riverstone- Jasmine@ Black Riverstone-Light Grey@ Black Riverstone-Mustard @ Orange



Seamless Flat Stone- Coffee @ Black Seamless Slate - Mushroom @ Orange Seamless Stone -Papier Grey@ Black Wood Vein - Rosewood @ Coffee



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Sunden Stamped Concrete is a system of adding colour, pattern and texture to a plain slab at the time of pouring. The finished job has the attractive three dimensional single or two tone colour